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About Roxii's Studio

Roxii has been a certified esthetician for 10 years in Saskatoon, moving to Regina to open her studio in 2020 She's best known for her 10 minute brazilian waxes, her passion for creating brow designs and her affordable pricing. 

I'm constantly expanding my knowledge in this forever expanding & growing beauty industry, I take lots of extra brow courses because I just love learning different techniques & brow styles from other brow babes. I'm very passionate about brows, they allow me to connect with my artistic side & there is nothing I love more than seeing a beautiful client leave the studio feeling confident in herself.

I know it may sound weird but I love waxing, I get to connect with so many beautiful humans. I think something as small as a wax can help women feel confident & leave with a sense of empowerment.

Waxing can be a very vulnerable & uncomfortable service to have done that's why I think its so important to have a judge-free zone & help women feel as comfortable as possible. I'll never judge the length of your hair, your pedicure & especially NEVER your body! Everyone who walks through my door is beautiful.

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