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Helpful Information

Does it hurt?

Waxing is definitely not painless and everyone's pain tolerance is different. The hair is being removed from the follicle but the pain is quick then subsides, before you know it we will be finished and you'll be saying "That wasn't as bad as I thought"
The first wax is usually the worst and you will notice a big difference the second appointment, consistency is key with waxing.

Can I wax on my period?

Absolutely! We are all women here and there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about having something that's natural to us, I'll never judge you for coming in on your period for a wax! Just wear a diva cup or tampon to stop the flow. 

I'm nervous to be naked Infront of a stranger

Totally understandable! I always do my best to help make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. Always remember that I'm just here to provide you with a great waxing experience and will never judge anything about you or talk about our appointment with anyone. Whatever you think is weird is completely normal and every other woman coming in to get waxed gets the same uncomfortable thoughts.

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