All About Roxii's

An Authentic Salon

Roxii first started in the industry 5 years ago. It wasn't until she got her first job at a speed waxing studio that she found her passion. She is always keeping up with the trends of our forever growing beauty industry. Roxii's brow game really up-levelled after living in Ireland for 9 months and working at one of the top brow salons in the country.

"When I started out, I honestly wasn't sure if this was the right journey for me, the beauty industry is an intimidating place. I struggled with being able to express myself through my work, I didn't want to be like anyone else other than myself and that's why I made the decision to open my own studio."

ROXII'S STUDIO is an upbeat environment that is dedicated to helping women feel beautiful in their own skin, not changing but accentuating their beauty. Roxii is passionate and dedicated to delivering high quality services at an affordable price.